Extremely RUDE ????
I have been going here for years and have almost always had a good experience. Staff have been helpful and courteous and I have never been compelled to write a review… until today.

Today I went through the drive through to pick up my prescription. When I pulled up there was only one car in the three available lanes and when I pulled in I was helped almost right away, the person assisting me was a heavier set woman with dark wavy hair and appeared to be in her early thirties. It was hard to tell because the TV monitor in my lane was broken and I was depending on my view from the station to the building. My only reason for attempting to describe this individual is in the hopes a member of the management team happens across this wordy review and finds a way to help this young lady, possibly in the form of finishing school, or anger management classes in an attempt to assist her in directing her hostility toward the customers of this establishment, as I believe customers in need of their blood pressure, anxiety or mental health medications may be in danger if they happen to fall victim to this staff member’s ire or even her somewhat nuanced, and might I add apparently well practiced hostile answers to customer questions.
I gave my requisite information to my soon to be emotional abuser so I could get my prescription refilled. She quickly came back and muttered something through the broken monitor and I politely asked her to repeat the information as I was not sure if she had asked me a question. She repeated the name of my persriciption and I told her that was indeed what I had come to the pharmacy to gather. Unbeknownst to me I had committed the most egregious act of customer to cashier heresy that I would now be punished with the most powerful type of tongue lashing a customer can receive. Even with the broken monitors, I could still feel the heat from the scorching hot eye daggers being shot directly at me.
She then sent me the receipt through the pneumatic tubes which I signed and returned. This part of the exchange felt normal so I questioned whether or not I was making this into a bigger deal than it was or maybe I was being overly sensitive, so I decided to just let it go. I know now that I should always trust my gut, if I would have been proactive and not dared to ask another question, I could have avoided the pinnacle of hostility toward a customer, and act so thinly veiled as “customer service” a psychology student could easily write a thesis on the seething anger on display.
She came on the screen once again to tell me my prescription was in the bag and sent the container back. I then asked her the most silly thing ever asked by a customer, I asked how many refills I had left. And before you tell me that is indeed a stupid question, I understand that it’s written on the side of the prescription bottle, but I did not have the old bottle with me and I wanted to have the pharmacy contact my doctor for another refill if I had just filled my last refill, a service which the pharmacy provides. This question evoked a wrath, the kind of which I was not prepared to deal with in this setting. She removed the bottle from the bag, I was unaware she could not see this information on the screen in front of her, and yelled, and I mean yelled, “YOU HAVE FOUR REFILLS LEFT”, and quickly switched clicked the monitor off then made some sort of gesture with her left hand. With the way she yelled I have zero doubt she didn’t waive her middle finger or called me an idiot.
I would like to reiterate that I have had some great experiences with this company, the staff have been super helpful in the past. I will say that I have had encounters with a few curt staff in the past, but nothing like the angry, very bad, no good experience I had today. I honestly think this should be addressed with this staff member before she inevitably causes this company to lose business.

Helpful pharmacist – they have gone out of their way on several occasions when dealing with insurance companies. Did everything to ensure that I had what I needed when traveling for work.

  • PharmaXtracts CBD OIL
    Rating: 5.00
    What customers say about pharmaxtract.com:
    – Awesome place, awesome staff, awesome products!! My dad had knee surgery and over the course of his “recovery”, his hip started to be effected by his compensation of staying off the knee. He was taking large amounts of pain Rx and OTC pain meds. Nothing would barely even touch the pain. He’d even feel it while he slept. I talked to him about looking into CBD to possibly help alleviate it. He was hesitant at first but after his first dose he was pain free after 10 mins. He has since been able to get his hip and knee to feeling better and back up to strength. Much Love and Thanx to the people working on developing these products that help with pain and save your internal organs from the damage of excessive pain med use. A+++
  • Trulieve Vero Beach
    Rating: 4.20
    What customers say about www.trulieve.com:
    – Very poor quality flower, have tried most all of there strains and have not found any that I truly enjoy. Most are immature at harvast, more then a few have been moldy, and all of them have not been cured properly. Very expensive compared to what is available in other markets, twice the price and half the quality. All flower products seem to be outdoor grown instead of lab quality indoor areas. But at 73 years old, and in need of medication, I have no other choice and just have to overpay for a poor quality product. I believe corporate greed and bottom line profits are the only requirements of Trulieve’s concept.
    I would suggest that Trulieve introduce a top self flower product for patients that know the difference between commercial grade and connoisseur grade.
    And by the way, you should have a menu that shows the % percentages of THC, CBD , ect. for your flower products for on line orders.
    I hope in the very near future That Trulieve, or somebody else will have a customer service driven dispensary as opposed to the all to often found corporate greed policies.
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    – I”ve heard great reviews about THIS CBD Store and I have to say I was SUPER IMPRESSED! Jessica was SO knowledgable and professional,
    I know she truly cares about helping others and has a heart of gold!
    I will be a customer for life!
    LOVE THE PRODUCTS and its only day one!
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    – They’re an alright store. Not my favorite, not my least. The store reminds me of a cell phone store only with CBD.
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    – I’ve tried various CBD products but never felt I was getting the best benefits. After meeting the owner here, I learned what was the best product for me, details of the product and exactly how to use. She’s extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend a visit to this store.